10 Low-Cost Tips for Staging Your Home

10 Low-Cost Tips for Staging Your Home

According to recent research, staged homes sell much quicker.  Unfortunately, hiring a professional stager can be expensive.  Here are 10 low-cost staging tips that you can do yourself to make a big difference:

  1. 1.       Paint – Painting a fresh coat on your home’s walls and trim can make a world of a difference.  Try to use neutral colors when you do this, and if it needs it, paint the exterior of the home as well.
  2. 2.       Wall Space – Fill the bare walls.  These can make your home feel cold so try putting up mirrors, photos, or framed artwork.
  3. 3.       TV’s – Treat the TV like a piece of art.  Try placing a flat-screen TV on the wall and let it act like a piece of art.  You can even connect a DVD player and play silent scenes from nature.  Take the TV’s out of the bedrooms.
  4. 4.       Furniture – You don’t want to use a lot of furniture, but you want to make sure all rooms are furnished because buyers can have trouble seeing themselves living in empty space.  Make sure you avoid bold patterns and use throw pillows instead for color.
  5. 5.       Window Treatments – Putting a simple curtain rod and solid color drape over blank windows can create a more cozy feeling for buyers as well as a nicely framed view outside.
  6. 6.       Bookshelves – Remove all clutter on any bookshelves.
  7. 7.       Flowers – Adding fresh-cut flowers and other plants can add life to a home.  You want to make sure you avoid using plastic flowers and trees though because these can look dated.
  8. 8.       Gender Neutral Bedrooms – Simple, white bedding and other neutral colors should be used in the bedrooms to keep them gender-neutral.
  9. 9.       Personal Items and Clutter – All personal items such as family photos, collectibles, mail, magazines, toys, etc. should be removed from all rooms.  Clutter on counter tops and small appliances in kitchens should be put away.  Clean closets, organize food and dishes, and tidy up any cluttered cupboards.
  10. 10.   Yard – Keep your yard well taken care of and cut the grass before the buyer visits.
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  1. Round Rock life coach February 1, 2018 at 3:46 pm - Reply

    These are great ideas that will improve the appeal of a home for sale, without spending a lot of money. It’s amazing how many prospective buyers can be turned off by silly things like paint colors, furniture and personal items (which are so easy to change); but that’s the reality of staging a home.

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